Hi! I am Zeynep.  I am a sculptor and ceramic artist. I have always been in love with 3D arts, visited every museum I may find wherever I travel around the globe. But it took me years, lots of schooling, traveling and life experience to find out what inspired me. It took me years to find my light! I create art with an amateur mind and soul. And I believe that, art should not be perfect, complex or even relevant to all. 

Let me tell a little about myself.

I was born in 1979 to creative roots in Izmir, Turkey. Watched my mom paint all through my childhood.  Raised in the rich cultural melting pot of Anatolia and Europe, historical artifacts has always amazed me. I currently reside in SC, USA and travel at every opportunity I can find to get inspired by nature, indigenous cultures and history. Have a PhD in from Clemson University and love writing, arts and all sorts of  creative processes. 

Have been sculpting since 2008, started when I figured out being pregnant inspired me to create. Touched clay for the 1st time in 2008 and since didn't stop. As a woman and mother, I deal with issues of human nature such as compassion, love, passion, struggle, bonding, pain and belief. My creation process is guided by the intention of recapturing moments to portray sentiments. My work is based on how human body portrays feelings through displaying movement. Specialized in figurative sculpting, I prefer mediums such as epoxy, clay, acrylic and wax. As an artist I have a style of mixing mediums to give depth and texture to the abstract figures. My signature works mimic natural characteristics of human nature. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do!


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